Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello readers who do not exist, or faded off, but I believe that will change soon.
Here's what i've been up to...

(camped at this beautiful glacier runoff creek)

(camping supplies at Timberline)

(My eddie bitty tent)

So im just gona give it to ya straight up.
-LAME is back.
-I now live in oregon.
-I am going to OSU.
-I have teamed up with fellow art students to recreate my lost project LAME
-New shirt is being printed with in the next two weeks.
-for the Michigan homies, stay tuned im sending some your way before halloween.
-Site is going to be updated,
-im excited.
-you should be too.
-check back soon.
-ps new email...

(the new design being printed)

goodnight, love

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More photos to peep.

summars senior photos.

Friday, August 21, 2009



Feel like I should keep posting to make up for lost time.
Here's a few picture i've taken this summer.
Mostly of my lovely girlfriend Carly.



ps. Yes im for hire.

listen to the Knux now.

Rome Local Gnar Winners.

This years Local Gnar winners....
kevin Castanheira
Featuring a few good friends from the east side of Michigan.

Brand New has a brand new demo!

Brand New has hands down been one of my favorite bands of all times for quite some time now. I first heard Brand New in the 6th grade, Deja Entendu had just released and "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" was the single. i fell in love with the whole album and its emotion feed drama that seemed to carry through the album via Jesse Laceys powerful vocals. After yet another amazing albulm, The Devil and God Are Ragging Inside Me" they have released a new single for 2009 titled "At the Bottom" which is schedluled to be followed by their new full length album Daisy, planned to hit the shelves September 22.
Look out for Brand New at a city near you, their tour dates are posted along with the new single on their myspace...

-Patrick (LAME)


So im back, and ill be posting more. starting now.....
Lets begin,
If you dont know who Alex Pardee is you might wana go find out.
He's done work for bands like the Used and hiphop comeback Cage, along with his own projects eyesuckink and zero friends, even painting a merrill for Shia Labeouf .
He's gained much attention from both the Upperplayground and Juxtapoz mag.
Both in which havin proven his very promising career to be successful.
Now he's no new comer, and surley not done, but I feel like we all need to take a second and appreciate the amazing talent of Alex Pardee....

For more on Alex Pardee check out

and if your still bored after that check out my good friend Shane's blog...
you might laugh, or get really offended....

Much love,
Patrick (LAME)

Monday, February 2, 2009 ...what?

Yes so is officially back up n running, thanks to returning member Alex! Things are just getting the make over so dont expect much and stay tune to the blog spot till the sites blog is officially running (ill be sure to notify). As well the lines cant be expected to drop with in the next couple of weeks, if not sooner, and will be posted both here and the site.

-Pat (who are you?)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So LAME hasn't said anything in forever... so um Ill let you know why. were broke. luckily LAME just got a new freelance job of designing yet another tee shirt for The folks at Young Life. This is drawing us in enough money to publish a few new lines. This time being quite a bit more legit. theres a huge surprise in store, some goodies on the way, and bunch more for me to talk about.

-pat (who are you?)