Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello readers who do not exist, or faded off, but I believe that will change soon.
Here's what i've been up to...

(camped at this beautiful glacier runoff creek)

(camping supplies at Timberline)

(My eddie bitty tent)

So im just gona give it to ya straight up.
-LAME is back.
-I now live in oregon.
-I am going to OSU.
-I have teamed up with fellow art students to recreate my lost project LAME
-New shirt is being printed with in the next two weeks.
-for the Michigan homies, stay tuned im sending some your way before halloween.
-Site is going to be updated,
-im excited.
-you should be too.
-check back soon.
-ps new email...

(the new design being printed)

goodnight, love

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