Friday, August 21, 2009


So im back, and ill be posting more. starting now.....
Lets begin,
If you dont know who Alex Pardee is you might wana go find out.
He's done work for bands like the Used and hiphop comeback Cage, along with his own projects eyesuckink and zero friends, even painting a merrill for Shia Labeouf .
He's gained much attention from both the Upperplayground and Juxtapoz mag.
Both in which havin proven his very promising career to be successful.
Now he's no new comer, and surley not done, but I feel like we all need to take a second and appreciate the amazing talent of Alex Pardee....

For more on Alex Pardee check out

and if your still bored after that check out my good friend Shane's blog...
you might laugh, or get really offended....

Much love,
Patrick (LAME)

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