Sunday, October 5, 2008


This cold weather's been teasing me, I cant wait for winter. Just picked up stack salad!
anyways, everyone stay tuned for updates, cause I will be releasing final info on a halloween costume party shred stay tuned. for now...
videos that got me stoked...

Airblaster's "August" Sneak Peek from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Think Thank - Stack Footy Teaser from realbig on Vimeo.

"Anytime" by Anytime Productions from Anytime Productions on Vimeo.

Brendan Hayes Kills it much salad!!!!

Brendan Hayes-TECHNICOLOUR from brendan hayes on Vimeo.

...and everyone check out fresh air, features some friends of lame.

Fresh Air. Teaser from Stewart Smith on Vimeo.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

(new) mustache frenzy award!

So i have now decided to hold a very inaccurate unsteady contest... Mustache frenzy award!
every when ever i feel like it ill post a winner of the best mustache ive seen in ya this whenevers winner is Carson the frontman from Look Left Swing Right (which i just posted on). Not only does he lead the band with his energetic style but leads his face with this massive trash stash of excellence!!!

Photobucket (photo cred: me)

send me your mustaches...i might post em and send you something...?


Carson remind me to send you something.


Look Out For look LOOK LEFT SWING RIGHT!!!


Today I caught up with old friends James, Ethan, Drew, and the every enduring Carson from local band Look Left Swing Right (who I have history with, ex member just saying...). we took advantage of the nice day to do a photo shoot for the band in the cascade area. All around those guys are fun to be around, very energetic, which reflects in their music. The photo shoot was fun, but my heart was set on the after math of the shoot. Although drummer Drew Kunkle was unable to join us afterwards, the band showed me new material. I'm struggling to explain how brutal this band is. They stretch from all spectrums of the hardcore genre and leave you speechless, my mind had to catch up after the storm. They're much like getting punched in the face for doing a good just dont get it, then the person who hit you says sorry and its all okay and you realize you liked it so then you both just break out fighting and start a club...huh? All around the band is the next big thing and so much fun to not only listen to (with some two-steeping involved) but as well hang around.
Check out their myspace for more and a rough demo of whats to come, they are currently recording this keep checking back with them and here.

-pat (photo cred pat)

heres a glimpse at the shots and check the lame myspace for the rest





Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Word!

Hey, This is Lame Studios if you haven't figured that out yet!
Lame is a collaboration of many forms of art.
We express out selves through mediums ranging from graphic design, painting, films, snowboarding, photos and soooooooo much more!!!!
Our primary goal is not only to express our selves and improve our own creativity, but to create something that can incorporate a community. 
We are eagerly looking for both unnamed and well known artist, along with anyone willing to express their creativity, to help us out with this growing concept.
In all completeness LAME stands for Let All Minds Expand.
Our goal is just that, to create something that gets people willing to get involved and evolve their own sense of creativity, wether its on a board or with a brush, we want to see people doing what they love in ways not usually done.
As much as we want to make this about you, its also an outlet for us, so we plan to use this blog as a recourse for updating you with our current activity with lame and post our current projects.

heres a little edit we made 2 weekends ago. Alittle kick off to fall sesh!
Any questions or ideas email me,